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Dirk Dustbin red

Erpa Dustbin

These classical pedal bins have been produced since the fifties by the westphalian company Erpa, which was founded in 1928.

Dustbin Typ 207

The bin was constructed for professional purpose and therefore is made of extra strong coated steel panel. The lid is made from stainless steel.

All other moving parts are also made of steel and guarantee a long lifetime. It is not surprising that Erpa pedal bins are mainly used for continuous operation in industry, catering business or in hospitals.

The bins are available in various colours!

Vilac Wooden Toys

The traditional french wooden toy company, based in Jura, was founded in 1911 and is still making many of its products on site from local woods. Their products are known for their extraordinary designs and excellent quality.

Vilac Holzspielzeug Vilac Holzauto Irische Wolldecke

John Hanly Original Irish Woolen Blankets

John Hanly, founded in 1893 in Tipperary, Ireland, is known among fashion labels and designers for their production of quality wool fabrics. For some years now, the still family-run business has been making blankets and scarves of the same quality for consumers - and at reasonable prices. The blankets are woven in Tipperary with sheep wool from Ireland and other European countries.

Klar Soaps

Klar has been producing handmade soaps in Heidelberg since 1840, and is the oldest family-operated soap manufacturer in Germany. The soaps are made using only vegetable oils, such as palm, coconut, and olive oil, and contain no synthetic ingredients.

Klar Damenseife Klar Herrenseife Tubtrug


The original Tubtrugs from Faulks & Company in England have unquestionably become a necessity in their land of origin among the many gardening enthusiasts. However, there are many other uses for this item, for instance, as a container for toys, beach bag, wash bucket, watering can, tool box, fruit basket, shopping basket, laundry basket, ice bucket, baby bathtub, goldfish bowl, feed bucket, travel bag or picnic basket. Tubtrugs are frost and UV resistant and are food safe! They are manufactured by Faulks & Company in Spain.

Mason Cash Schuessel

Mason Cash 'Cane' Bowl

In England, Mason Cash is a synonym for the so-called 'Cane Bowl', which is named for the cane-coloured clay from which it was made. In fact, Mason Cash has been producing household ceramics in the heart of England since the beginning of the 19th century. No home in England is complete without the legendary Cane Bowls, and they can still be found in every kitchen shop. It's no wonder that even the Royal Christmas Pudding is served in a Cane Bowl! These days, the English ceramic industry is nearly non-existent, most production being moved to the Far East. However, the Cane Bowls from Mason Cash are now made in Portugal.

Coffee Mill

Zassenhaus Manual Coffee Mills

In the era of automation an 'endangered species'!

It is not surprising that among the various producers of manual coffee mills in the 19th and 20th century in Germany only one survived - Zassenhaus in Solingen, founded in 1867.

While in elactrical coffee mills the coffee beans are destroyed by violence, manual grinding ensures a gentle treatment of the beans, which results in a better release of the coffee aromas.

The housing is made from beech wood and the burr grinder from hardened Solingen steel with 25-year guarantee!

Diplomat Space Tec Pocket Ball Pen

Writes upside-down, under water, from -50 to +200 Degrees Celcius, and is ideal for use in space. Also suitable for use in your day-planner. Metal housing.

Diplomat Kugelschreiber

Schildkröt Dolls

In 1896, Schildkröt produced its first celluloid doll, becoming the only company to continuously produce dolls for over 100 years. Since the fall of the GDR, they have relocated their factory to Sonnenberg in Thüringen, previously the centre for toy manufacture worldwide. Aside from the larger dolls, Schildkröt also produces smaller, bendable dolls, intended for dollhouses. You can find also rattles from the 50ies and bathtub toys in the shop. These are made of Tortulon. The bendable dolls are PVC-free. All Schildkröt products are made in Germany.

Schildkroet Biegepuppe Schildkroet Rasselpuppe Waca Ruehrschuessel

Waca Melamine Kitchen Utensils

Waca, a company from Sauerland in Western Germany, was founded in 1921 as a porcelain manufacturer, and began shortly afterwards to make the first synthetical dishes and kitchen utensils. Today they remain one of the largest producers of melamine in Europe. Melamine is known for being unbreakable, and had been used in the kitchen for several decades. Because of the advantageous properties of this material, it has also been put into use in dental labs and hospitals. Most of the melamine products available today are produced in Thailand and China.

Sonja Huhn-Eierbecher

Sonja Chicken Shaped Egg cups

These in East Germany world famous chicken-shaped egg cups are some of the few products from the GDR which survived the fall of the wall, and which are still being made. Practical and well-designed - the egg totes and egg cups from Sonja Plastic in the town of Wolkenstein in Saxony!


Scrapbook Pictures

Scrapbook pictures were first produced in the middle of the 19th century, and were used to embellish cards or gifts, for poetry books, and for collecting and trading. Germany had a stronghold in Berlin for the production of 'luxury papers'. Today only two producers remain - Ernst Freihoff in Coesfeld and Flower Fairies in England.

Kovap Tin Toys

For over 60 years, the Czech company Kovap and their predecessors has been manufacturing tin toys in their production halls. Kovap is the last remaining European company to mass-produce these classic tin toys. Today, almost all tin toys are manufactured in China and India, and are often copies of historic models from Europe.

Kovap Kaefer Kovap VW Bus

Melamine Sugar Bowl and Butter Dish

These tasteful sugar bowls and butter dishes, have been produced since the 1960's by the company Faplana, founded in 1955 in Portugal.

Faplana Zuckerdose Faplana Butterdose

Abakus Wooden Toys

Abakus, from the Czech Republic, continues the 200-year Bohemian tradition with the production of its adorable wooden toys, made of local woods and hand-painted using water-based paints. The colours comply with the European safety-standard EN-71 and are, therefore, suitable for children of all ages.

Abakus Roboter Abakus Alien DUX-Dosenspitzer

DUX Pencil Sharpener

Classic Duroplast sharpeners with replaceable blades. Made in Germany.

Duralex Glasses


Since 1945, the French company Duralex has been making practically unbreakable and temperature-stable drinking vessels of tempered glass. While the bevelled 'Picardie' design has become a classic worldwide, the sleek 'Gigogne' (photo) also has its own legend, having been used in all of the school cafeterias in France since its introduction in 1946, and thereby reminding millions of French people of their schooldays...

'Famos' Peeler

Famos Schaeler The legendary 'Famos ' peeler was created by Mr Hubert Deimel in 1956 and has since then conquered the (West) German kitchens. Today we can find an uncountless number of peeler designs, but the simple 'Famos ' peeler peels best! Made in Germany.


German Standard Bottle Opener

For decades probably the most popular utensil in Germany, and at the same time the least appreciated - the classic standard bottle opener. The practical hole in the handle makes it possible to hang it on a key ring as well as attach it to a case of beer or nearby with a string to hinder bottle opener snatchers. Made in Germany.


'Hermetus' Bottle Opener and Sealer

The since decades proven and tested 'Hermetus' Bottle Opener and Sealer. Made in Germany.

Berlin Cookie Cutter

Bake (and eat) the Berlin TV tower and the Brandenburg gate at home. The forms are made of premium plastic, food safe, light fast, and won't break in the dishwasher. Made in Berlin in cooperation with a workshop for the disabled and a local industry.

Ausstechform Brandenburger Tor Ausstechform Fernsehturm